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Zirkulin, the popular yellow brand of roha arzneimittel GmbH, Germany, stands for high-qualitiy products designed to prevent and treat impairments of health as well as to improve the feeling of well-being.

Using gentle work procedures to preserve the active ingredients, we process valuable substances from nature to help you to live a healthy and active life.

Satisfied users associate the name Zirkulin with high-quality medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and medical devices with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

In some countries Zirkulin can be found under the brand name Cirkulin. The products themselves also may have a different appearence.

  Group of Zirkulin products

The picture above shows a selection of our products:
Leg Balsam, Germany. Devil´s Claw Muscle and Joint Gel, Germany. Fit-Arteries Capsules, Hungary. Artichoke Tablets, Jordan. Cinnamon Plus Tablets, Jordan.

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